Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last week we went to the nearby Pumpkin Patch for a fun family night out. The weather had finally cooled down and the boys got dressed in some festive fall flannels. I wore shorts and a t-shirt since I'm almost always hot now. Blake enjoyed running around all the pumpkins. He didn't even care about the rides and refused to go in the bounce house. Even when no one was in it. I don't know what his deal was. But dad wasn't about to miss out on the big slide. He carried Blake up it and down they went.
The animals in the petting zoo were probably his highlight. We asked him to kiss the sheep and he tried to. The sheep wasn't in to that and kept backing up. When the bunny would run from him he would yell "bunny STOP." It didn't work though.
Another mom was kind enough to snap a picture of us. I love it. It captures my mischevious husband and BLAKE IS LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! This almost never happens. I know I'm pregnant and shouldn't feel like I look fat but man all I can see is my boobs. This in no way is bragging I'm more appalled then anything. When I had Blake I instantly looked forward to the day nursing was over. And now I'm looking forward to when baby girl stops. I'm weird I know. Anyways enough boob talk.

This year and last years pumpkin patch photo. Same sweet flannel. Crazy what a year does

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grandpa Robby comes for lunch

My dad was on his way to Conference/Elk hunt up in Utah and stopped to have lunch with us! Of course we went to his favorite...a buffet. We tried out Green Valley Ranch which is almost identical to Sunset. D joined us on his lunch break and we all enjoyed ourselves. Grandpa came bearing gifts for all. Blake got a new shirt and I (and I guess D) got a fresh pineapple from the streets of LA along with some food storage hot chocolate from my mom. I haven't bought hot chocolate ever, the powder that is. My mom has always sent me some since college and I love it! Thanks mom! After lunch I measured my dad for his costume this year. It's the perfect costume for him. I've been telling my mom for many years to make it and now she has commissioned me to do it. Haha. I have Robby's and D's costumes to finish and Blake's is done. Anyways we're always glad to have Robby visit! Hopefully he has time in his way back next week.

*I used the blogger app to do this post. Do the pictures look like crap quality to you too?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly of yesterday

I'm going to complain about my difficulties of yesterday...followed by the good ending

I slept through my alarm...again. So skipped the gym...again. So my shots have been surprisingly painless, just a pin prick. But then yesterday I did something wrong (I guess) because everything hurt about this shot. Hence the lovely bruise I now sport. The morning continues with Blake trying to hand me poop from his diaper. My pregnancy nose is in full force and my gag reflex extra sensitive. So once that ordeal was taken care of I decided to do some wash. Blake only loves a few things more than wash: grandma debil, herbal tea, curious george, and candy. Oh and Sadie. It really depends on the day though. So while Blake is "helping" me do wash I hear him say "Oh dirty book, no no no." What? That can't be good. So I go in the laundry room and see one of my exercise books submerged in the washer. Ugh. The day goes on like this. Lets just say I was glad when nap time came.

I was really looking forward to the rest of the day. Blake's friend Ryan was having a super hero birthday party. Blake carried around the invitation forever the day we got it. We were both excited to go. Damien helped me pick out his costume. Which is an underwear set with tights underneath and a homemade cape. He might hate us when he's older but thats to be expected.

Since yesterday was October 1st I was going to surprise D with a Pumpkin smoothie from Jamba juice after work. I had planned on going to Jamba juice around 5 and then take it over to D's work at 5:30. Then he would just follow us to the party nearby. Once Blake woke up from his nap we left the house to stick to the plan. When we were getting on the freeway I said a prayer of gratitude. I was so glad that we were moving on to the best part of the day and all those incidents were behind us. I thanked Heavenly Father for helping me keep my emotions in check earlier. It seems this pregnancy is like the last, my emotions are extreme at times. I also asked if he would keep us all safe in our travels. And so Blake and I head out to Green Valley to surprise Damien.

As we were driving my car turned itself off. So I slowly pulled over. Long story short D met us and kept us cool in his car. This insufferable Vegas heat hit 99 yesterday. My dad let us use his AAA card to get it towed. We ended up watching Blake's favorite Curious George while waiting. We showed up at the party at least an hour and a half late, but just in time for donuts and ice cream! It was a cute little party. Blake wasn't too interested in the bounce house. He kept saying "no yelling" to the kids in there. Haha I say that to him all day long. I'm pretty sure he had a great time. This party has me even more excited for Halloween. Great job Karen! I wish I would have taken a picture of him with Ryan and Chad. Regret.

The day ended so much better than it's start. So grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers. If my car broke down a half mile before or after it did, I would have most likely been driving on the freeway. Thankfully it was on Pebble rd with very little cars coming by. Sometimes I feel like life is getting the best of me, but Heavenly Father is always aware of my/our needs. I am really blessed!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

First shot!

Just gave myself my first shot of blood thinner.  It wasn't bad. Approximately 200 more!  My nice nurse let me practice on her.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blake and baby news

My little man is as mischievous as most 2.5 year olds. As I'm taking this picture I'm telling him not to draw on his arm...he continues to stare right at me and draw all over his arm. Ugh. He is my little helper though. He LOVES to do laundry. All day everyday and night. Today was laundry day and he was happy to help. But he was put on time out from the laundry a few times too. For some reason throwing all the towels in the house, clean or dirty, is not enough. Throwing all the decorative pillows, dry-clean only included, in the washer. Oh and my backpack and his shoes and the list goes on. He also loves to cook with me. Especially if I'm using the kitchen-aid. He knows its go time when the apron comes out. We love our little helper!

Two fridays ago I had another ultrasound. I was very disgruntled that I had to go to see a high risk doctor. I have a clotting issue called Factor V Leiden, like many of my family members on my mom's side. So I was all angry about being there since I had no issues when I was pregnant with Blake. But something good came of it. The ultrasound technician was chatting with me while she was doing her thing. She asked if we were going to find out what we were having. I said "Yes, I have another ultrasound scheduled in 5 weeks...unless you can tell me!" She said she could give me an educated guess, so of course I wanted to know. She was showing me a line on the screen, boys and girls have them at the same length at this stage. I don't know what that line was, sorry. She then said because of the way the line pointed she was 80% positive it was a girl. So we're having a girl! My friend Whit had a very very similar ultrasound experience at this stage and the technician was right in the end. D and I were so sure we were having a boy. But Blake said all along that it was a gwull baby...and her name was to be Cracker or House. Haha. I was a little indifferent at first. I was so positive it was a boy, plus I was looking forward to only having to buy diapers. I have everything from Blake.  But now that I've been checking out all the cute baby girl clothes I'm tickled. I've already bought her some cute frilly things.  I want to name her Naomi. I have a great grandma Naomi and a friend Naomi from our BYU married ward that I adore. I associate the name with kind wonderful women. Within the last year, while at the temple, I felt impressed to tell Damien that Naomi was going to be one of our daughters names. This happened twice. He still hasn't warmed up to it. Hopefully he will. He likes the name Chana, its russian and it sounds like the beginning part of Hanukkah, without the kah. And one of his old students in Utah that we love is Chana. I like that and a few others he likes. We still have 26 more weeks to argue about the order!

River Trip

 Annual Farrer August river trip continues to be a highlight of our summer.  Farrers, Powells, Lockens, us and then always a handful more. Blake enjoyed following Clayton around. Oh and Grandma Debil. Haha thats what he is calling her these days. Mamaw Debil and Robby. He loves the water so much and wore himself out each day. Like the last few years, I enjoyed playing tetris and loafing around. While Damien was out on the boat as much as possible. I'm turning into my mom. Which is not a bad thing! Its just funny how I used to spend the river trips in the sun the whole time, literally. Now I'm just happy relaxing in air conditioning. I also ate bags full of Flavor Pops. Someone brought a new wake skate that D and RJ are trying out above. Linds is on the wake surf board. I refrained from doing any this year since I knew I was pregnant, plus I'm lazy. I do like the surf board though, so easy to get up.
 Mr Blake has almost grown out of his little life vest grandma got him when he was a teeny baby. He sported the moptop ninja hair all week.

Can't wait for next year!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Been in Nevada 1 Year TODAY!

Well almost. D started work one year ago yesterday. We lived with the Bishops for 3 weeks and then a trailer on the side of the Byington's house for 2 week. One of the trailer weeks Blake and I went to my parents. Then we moved into our current home October conference weekend. I should be catching up with our river trip but thought I'd point out our little milestone and remember last year.

Oh! and this

New baby coming!!!