Wednesday, September 12, 2012

River Trip

 Annual Farrer August river trip continues to be a highlight of our summer.  Farrers, Powells, Lockens, us and then always a handful more. Blake enjoyed following Clayton around. Oh and Grandma Debil. Haha thats what he is calling her these days. Mamaw Debil and Robby. He loves the water so much and wore himself out each day. Like the last few years, I enjoyed playing tetris and loafing around. While Damien was out on the boat as much as possible. I'm turning into my mom. Which is not a bad thing! Its just funny how I used to spend the river trips in the sun the whole time, literally. Now I'm just happy relaxing in air conditioning. I also ate bags full of Flavor Pops. Someone brought a new wake skate that D and RJ are trying out above. Linds is on the wake surf board. I refrained from doing any this year since I knew I was pregnant, plus I'm lazy. I do like the surf board though, so easy to get up.
 Mr Blake has almost grown out of his little life vest grandma got him when he was a teeny baby. He sported the moptop ninja hair all week.

Can't wait for next year!

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CB said...

I am a fan of the Moptop Ninja Hair. :)