Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grandpa Robby comes for lunch

My dad was on his way to Conference/Elk hunt up in Utah and stopped to have lunch with us! Of course we went to his favorite...a buffet. We tried out Green Valley Ranch which is almost identical to Sunset. D joined us on his lunch break and we all enjoyed ourselves. Grandpa came bearing gifts for all. Blake got a new shirt and I (and I guess D) got a fresh pineapple from the streets of LA along with some food storage hot chocolate from my mom. I haven't bought hot chocolate ever, the powder that is. My mom has always sent me some since college and I love it! Thanks mom! After lunch I measured my dad for his costume this year. It's the perfect costume for him. I've been telling my mom for many years to make it and now she has commissioned me to do it. Haha. I have Robby's and D's costumes to finish and Blake's is done. Anyways we're always glad to have Robby visit! Hopefully he has time in his way back next week.

*I used the blogger app to do this post. Do the pictures look like crap quality to you too?


Whitney said...

Fun! But ya, the picture quality gets a thumbs down. ;)

Brookel said...

what's the costume, yes, total crap pictures

Rappleye Family said...

CUTE! Ya crappy!