Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last week we went to the nearby Pumpkin Patch for a fun family night out. The weather had finally cooled down and the boys got dressed in some festive fall flannels. I wore shorts and a t-shirt since I'm almost always hot now. Blake enjoyed running around all the pumpkins. He didn't even care about the rides and refused to go in the bounce house. Even when no one was in it. I don't know what his deal was. But dad wasn't about to miss out on the big slide. He carried Blake up it and down they went.
The animals in the petting zoo were probably his highlight. We asked him to kiss the sheep and he tried to. The sheep wasn't in to that and kept backing up. When the bunny would run from him he would yell "bunny STOP." It didn't work though.
Another mom was kind enough to snap a picture of us. I love it. It captures my mischevious husband and BLAKE IS LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! This almost never happens. I know I'm pregnant and shouldn't feel like I look fat but man all I can see is my boobs. This in no way is bragging I'm more appalled then anything. When I had Blake I instantly looked forward to the day nursing was over. And now I'm looking forward to when baby girl stops. I'm weird I know. Anyways enough boob talk.

This year and last years pumpkin patch photo. Same sweet flannel. Crazy what a year does


Rappleye Family said...

CUTE PICS!! I think going to a Pumpkin Patch sounds aborable. :)

Rappleye Family said...


CB said...

I love the family pic of you all. And you look great. Boobs and all. :)

Kayla said...

blake is such a cutie!!! I'm so excited you guys are having a girl! she will be beautiful! you are such a wonderful mom. I will take some of your breasticles. haha