Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly of yesterday

I'm going to complain about my difficulties of yesterday...followed by the good ending

I slept through my alarm...again. So skipped the gym...again. So my shots have been surprisingly painless, just a pin prick. But then yesterday I did something wrong (I guess) because everything hurt about this shot. Hence the lovely bruise I now sport. The morning continues with Blake trying to hand me poop from his diaper. My pregnancy nose is in full force and my gag reflex extra sensitive. So once that ordeal was taken care of I decided to do some wash. Blake only loves a few things more than wash: grandma debil, herbal tea, curious george, and candy. Oh and Sadie. It really depends on the day though. So while Blake is "helping" me do wash I hear him say "Oh dirty book, no no no." What? That can't be good. So I go in the laundry room and see one of my exercise books submerged in the washer. Ugh. The day goes on like this. Lets just say I was glad when nap time came.

I was really looking forward to the rest of the day. Blake's friend Ryan was having a super hero birthday party. Blake carried around the invitation forever the day we got it. We were both excited to go. Damien helped me pick out his costume. Which is an underwear set with tights underneath and a homemade cape. He might hate us when he's older but thats to be expected.

Since yesterday was October 1st I was going to surprise D with a Pumpkin smoothie from Jamba juice after work. I had planned on going to Jamba juice around 5 and then take it over to D's work at 5:30. Then he would just follow us to the party nearby. Once Blake woke up from his nap we left the house to stick to the plan. When we were getting on the freeway I said a prayer of gratitude. I was so glad that we were moving on to the best part of the day and all those incidents were behind us. I thanked Heavenly Father for helping me keep my emotions in check earlier. It seems this pregnancy is like the last, my emotions are extreme at times. I also asked if he would keep us all safe in our travels. And so Blake and I head out to Green Valley to surprise Damien.

As we were driving my car turned itself off. So I slowly pulled over. Long story short D met us and kept us cool in his car. This insufferable Vegas heat hit 99 yesterday. My dad let us use his AAA card to get it towed. We ended up watching Blake's favorite Curious George while waiting. We showed up at the party at least an hour and a half late, but just in time for donuts and ice cream! It was a cute little party. Blake wasn't too interested in the bounce house. He kept saying "no yelling" to the kids in there. Haha I say that to him all day long. I'm pretty sure he had a great time. This party has me even more excited for Halloween. Great job Karen! I wish I would have taken a picture of him with Ryan and Chad. Regret.

The day ended so much better than it's start. So grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers. If my car broke down a half mile before or after it did, I would have most likely been driving on the freeway. Thankfully it was on Pebble rd with very little cars coming by. Sometimes I feel like life is getting the best of me, but Heavenly Father is always aware of my/our needs. I am really blessed!

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CB said...

its those tender mercies that help me keep things in perspective in my own life as well. :)