Sunday, August 5, 2012

Utah reunion and a rainbow

Blake and I got back from our Utah trip last Sunday. Had a blast but glad to be home. Grandpa Robby and Aunt DD picked us up the Tuesday before. We took our sweet time getting up to Fairview canyon. We left at 7 am and didn't get up there until around 6 that night. We made a ton of much needed stops along the way. One being the Manti temple.
You may notice no glasses in any of these pictures. Ugh, he broke both pairs the day before we left. Luckily Grandpa Robby has a similar prescription and he used them on occasion.
We were the only ones up there until dinner time the next day. So we took Blake on his first fishing trip. Sadly Dad didn't get to be there. Blake was intrigued at the first few fish, but less interested as the trip went on. When they were unhooked and thrown back he would shoosh us, as if the fish were going to sleep. Silly boy.
While I set up our little tent, I gave him a sucker and plopped him down in his chair. He was content for a good half hour.

It was another successful Fausett reunion. Even with the foreign campsite and bear rumors. Hopefully Old Folks Flat will be ready next year. I really enjoyed playing sedarahc (backwards charades.) Best actions: birth, high heels, and fight flight attendant. I am sure Blake's big highlights would include Grandma Debby, getting candy/cookies from Aunt Cindy all day long, grandpa's truck, and "helping" Uncle RJ build the fires. It was a blast, but so glad to be home in our beds, oh and dad. We missed him soooo much!

Blake being a toddler has a few fascinations, rainbows being one of them. He loves naming off the colors and singing a song about them with me. So this last Tuesday we went to the park, let Blake run wild, and played a game of horse. I lost. But on the walk back to the car we spotted a huge rainbow. It was a full one too, right over the top of us. Blake was ecstatic. We rushed home to get the camera. Sadly it diminished greatly in size and visibility. But it was still gorgeous.

 My handsome boys!


CB said...

I love your posts!!! The pic of Blake, Damien and the rainbow is a great one!! We love you guys. :)

Brookel said...

such great pics z, glad your reunion was nice, thanks again for letting us sleep for a few hours at your place.

Rappleye Family said...

Cool Rainbow pics!